Civil Engineering


Department Level Excellence :

To develop graduates to compete at the global level.

To promote innovation of engineers to face the challenges of future.

To implement soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics among graduates.

Academic Excellence :

To Improve pass percentage of the students by a targeted percentage points from the previous year.

To Improve the percentage of first class and distinction by a targeted percentage from the previous year.

To mentor students to obtain a targeted number of university ranks.

To ensure higher participation levels of students in the class room by enhancing the quality of the teaching learning process, targeting the attendance level at 85%.

Students Professional Activities :

To encourage and support a targeted percentage of students to present/publish papers in reputed conferences and Journals.

To facilitate a practical orientation to students through industrial visits.

Students Career Planning :

To provide necessary training and skill development to students to improve their placement opportunities.

To mentor high ranked students to get placed in higher salary paying companies.

Research and Innovation :

To publish at least a minimum targeted number of papers in international Journals every year.

To conduct at least two workshops/conferences per year.

Faculty Development :

To plan the development of faculty members through Faculty Development Programs (FDP) in the academic, new technology and teaching skills related areas.